Friday, 5 January 2018

Golovin III - Darkest before Dawn

That's right people, the Golovin narrative games will return this year in the form of a matrix campaign running between myself (Triple D) and my good friend Ryan.

When we last left Golovin (over on The Burning Eye) we saw the Dusk Knights launching an attack on the Alpha Legion's base, shattering it but suffering heavy losses in doing so. Shortly after that however, the Dusk Knights received a general call for aid as the events of the Gathering Storm and the Indomitus Crusade consumed the forces of the Imperium.

Now the Dusk Knights have returned, bolstered by new allies in the form of the Swords of Dawn, and they are back to discover why the Alpha Legion were on Golovin, and indeed, if they ever left...


To many, a small backwater world of no great significance. 40% of its surface was covered with inhospitable, volatile oceans composed mainly of isoprene, and therefore when the explorator fleets of the mechanicum discovered the world, they founded a small harvesting colony to gather the substance and ship it out to the nearest forgeworld to facilitate the production of military grade rebreather seals. Ironically, the nature of the compound was such that the colony itself as it expanded and increased production of the substance became a significant consumer of the finished product of its own exports. Over the generations, population centres were established away from the oceans, allowing the inhabitants of the world to move about without the need to wear rebreathers permanently.

Golovin harbours a more significant secret however, one of which even the majority of its inhabitants are unaware. To most, the polar caps of the planet were even more inhospitable, but as in so many corners of the galaxy, humanity found a way to adapt and survive its environment, and a native tribe thrived in these frozen wastes, hunting the arctic predator species and building cunning structures to amplify and enhance the limited light of the sun to grow meagre supplies. These natives were a hardy breed, and when the Dusk Knights established their chapter monastery on the nearby world of St Olav’s fall, the Adeptus Astartes soon found a use for them, providing notable recruits for the chapter’s ranks, including several former captains and honoured warriors.

Several times across the centuries since the Dusk Knights were founded they have been called to defend Golovin from the attentions of the great enemy, although the most recent incursion was cut short by the galactic catastrophe that created the Great Rift. Some might say that the presence of the Alpha Legion on the planet was intended to distract the Dusk Knights from wider events taking place across the galaxy, though the only thing that can be safely concluded is that the truth behind their presence will never be known. Following the breakup of the Indomitus crusade however, and the founding of the new chapter of Primaris Marines - the Swords of Dawn - created to reinforce the Dusk Knight’s occupation of the Schindelgeist region, the Dusk Knights have turned their gaze once more upon Golovin. Chapter Master Saul Regulo understands that the Alpha Legion’s motives are rarely so straightforward as to be a simple distraction tactic.

The midnight armoured battle barge Dorn’s Vengeance once more hangs in orbit above the sullen skies of Golovin, the equivalent strength of 3 full companies of Astartes within its holds, but on this occasion its attendant flotilla contained a small detachment of ships never before seen in the system - the grey and purple livery with the sunburst iconography of the Swords of Dawn indicating that Chapter Master Regulo took very seriously the declared intention to work closely with the Swords of Dawn in defence of the region.
So there you have it,  war will return to Golovin, and if you're really lucky, I'll even put up a few posts about how we're putting together this narrative campaign and proceeding with it.

Triple D