Friday, 12 January 2018

Double Eagle I: The Inceptus War - our first event

Greetings all of you, Triple D here bringing you some very exciting news (well, I hope you find it exciting, we certainly do!).

Drumroll please, as I unveil some initial details about our very, first, event.

We here at the brotherhood have been working away in the background for a while now (first to admit we were hoping to get some events in 2017, but have failed to get everything in place for that) preparing ourselves to launch both a new YouTube channel, and some 40k gaming events for you all to come along to.

Well, after a lot of background work, we're finally getting close to the point where we can announce our first event into the wider community.

Right from Day 1, the brotherhood's intention has always been to look at exploring the narrative, less traditionally competitive side of gaming events (and that's specifically also why we're calling them events, not tournaments) with a view to getting people together in a really friendly atmosphere where winning and losing doesn't become so important that rules get exploited and people go home slightly bitter.

With that in mind, our first event will be a doubles event. We very much hope that this event will be a springboard for the future, and that attendance will lead to participants wanting to come back in the future so the idea is that we will run a variety of event types. Doubles events will go under the heading of 'Double Eagle', and each event will have a narrative constructed for it, with subsequent events in the same series taking that narrative onwards. Double Eagle II therefore will begin where Double Eagle I finishes (or shortly afterwards), and your performances at the event will influence how the story develops.

So, with that in mind, here's a few things that you can expect from this event, and we hope that these will encourage you to want to come along and take part, meet new people and have a great time!

Armies will be armies, not collections of models.

One of the things we at the brotherhood have noticed attending the various tournaments we've taken part in is that often, a player's army doesn't really look like an army. And  it equally doesn't often represent the narrative well in scope or style. We're looking at having army selection restrictions in place to make sure that the armies at our events are constructed from a solid base, not exploiting alliances to bring a mix of powerful units and utilising the detachment structure given to us by the 40k rulebook to create balanced looking armies without limiting strongly themed lists.

Why should you play the same mission as everyone else?

For the sake of leveling the playing field, many tournaments use a single mission that all players will take part in over each round. Our events however are part of a story that you the players are writing as we go, so why shouldn't the missions be different? We've developed a scoring system that takes account of this to make sure that no team is limited by a particular mission offering less victory points to the players. We the brotherhood will also play a part in the story, and so whilst particular missions will be pre-determined before the event, teams will be assigned to those missions based on their themes and abilities.

Teams will have influence over the details of their games like never before.

Each team that participates in the event will be part of an overall alliance as well as their own faction, and will have specific objectives to achieve across the event that will further their own agenda as well as that of their alliance. Not only that, but teams will have a number of options available to them to play before or during a game to influence how that game is played, from influencing tactical objectives cards, to deployments and other more unusual options.

If the traditional concept of a winner doesn't apply, what's the reward for doing well and why should I enter?

As teams will be grouped into specific alliances there will be alliances that perform better than others. The brotherhood will record the performances of each team within an alliance with a view to rewarding teams for consistently strong results. The intention therefore is to allow each team within an alliance to pick up a reward for being the best performing team within their alliance, and a further reward for the team with the best performance across the day. The scoring system is designed however to ensure that there is no guarantee that the best performing team comes from the best performing alliance. In that way, there is still an element of reward for individual (well, doubles team) performance, but we will also reward members of the winning alliance, regardless of individual achievement.

As for the question of why you should enter, we're firmly of the belief that the real enjoyment of event gaming is participation and games against armies and players you wouldn't normally face. Added to that, we're confident that the extra elements we've put in place for the games will allow you the players more immersion in the game than ever before, and we'll be looking to foster a real team spirit within the alliance structure, beyond your immediate gaming partner. Added to which we do intend to provide a certain number of prizes throughout the day, they just won't necessarily go to whoever stomps hardest over their opponent's armies.

If that sounds like it might float your boat, then we'd love to see you at our first event, please also feel free to leave comments below if you think there's something else we could be doing to further enhance the event (and yes, that includes interspersing the day with impressions by our very own White Wizard).

Thanks for reading!