Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Brotherhood Tale begins.

Greetings all, after many long months dedicated to preparing armies for your delectation, the Grim Dark Brotherhood is now in a position to be able to progress our plans.

These are twofold:
  1. To produce interesting and unusual battle reports for youtube, not just using the standard matched play mission but to introduce narrative gameplay and campaign elements to the reports.
  2. To hold our own events, both for singles play and doubles matches, also encouraging the narrative aspect of gaming in a tournament setting.

So, our next step is to start producing content for you, and in that regard each of the 3 members of the brotherhood is starting a new army. We'll be running a 'tale of gamers' style narrative between us, and we would encourage you to join in with that in your own setting - send us pictures of your efforts, game reports etc, we'll look at compiling it all together and having a section of the blog where you can view everyone's achievements. We also have a forum that we're looking to expand where you can submit all of this, along with your army lists for other members to comment on and give each other advice.

Tales of the Brotherhood begins with each of the members putting together a 500pt list, and we'll mix written, video and pictorial content as to how we're getting on, looking to get an update on each army at least fortnightly as progress continues.

There are 3 armies that will be taking part, my own burgeoning Eldar collection (Craftworld name to be determined via poll on my personal blog The Burning Eye). I will therefore be making up 'The Arrogant' part of the tale. Tuck Shop Tom is embarking on the reawakening of his own Necron Dynasty, and will therefore represent 'The Ancient', whilst The Wizard is pushing the frontiers of what's possible by creating his own Sept force for the T'au and will therefore be 'The Innocent' (nothing could be further from the truth - anyone who's trodden this earth for 300 times the lives of men can't possibly be innocent can they?).

For the first post in the series therefore, expect some pictorial evidence of my own collection taking shape, and possibly a video of me explaining the list and how I'm going about painting them.