Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A brotherhood tale - Craftworld Eldar - 'The Arrogant'

Greetings all, Triple-D here bringing you the first few elements of my Craftworld Eldar list! The craftworld is as-yet unnamed, however I do have a poll running over on my personal blog The Burning Eye where you can vote to decide what they will be called - things are neck-and-neck at the moment between the two options, so your vote really could make the difference!

I'll be looking to put together an army list video to post up on our youtube channel (I'll start providing a link when we've got some content on there) but for now, here's a picture post to show you how things are progressing!

First up, we have a couple of pictures of my test painting for the colour scheme - yes, I know they're not Eldar models but at the time I didn't have and and was looking to find something that had the open spaces and smooth curves I would be working with.

In basic terms, the colour scheme is a grey base with green details on it - the green being built up from Caliban Green, through Warpstone Glow and Moot Green with a final highlight of Yriel Yellow to really make it pop and turn the contrast up a notch.

My first purchase - a Faseer to lead the force. I want my army to be largely jetbike based (not completely, but I've always wanted a jetbike army) so this would be the ideal leader for them. I magnetised the head so he'd be able to be used as a Warlock if I wanted in smaller games.

It's a really nice kit too, CAD has definitely helped here, as all the pieces fit together really snugly, even the arm holding the witchblade stuck really well, with no issues over it drooping as the glue dried.

And here's the assembled model, which I've chosen to name Farseer Polengoldur, meaning 'Able counsel'.

Next, I picked up a couple of boxes of jetbikes, and began cleaning and assembling. Again, the new jetbike model goes together really well, and mould line removal was really straightforward on them.

Here are the bikes with the canopies on, though at this stage I've chosen to leave off the underslung weapons, as I may look to magnetise them for gaming flexibility.

Wow, the Vyper shows its age here - the kit is considerably less snug in places (the canopy in particular) and it doesn't come with a shrieker (I'm old ok? That's what they used to be called) cannon option despite it being available on the datasheet. That's not quite true, you do get 2 shrieker cannons with the kit, but neither of them fit the underslung mount, they're actually both intended for use on the rear gun mount. Weird.

Here, I've simply removed one of the shuriken catapults and replaced it with a shrieker cannon taken from the new jetbike kit. A little bit of cutting and filing was required, but otherwise it's a really straightforward conversion. To be honest, you could probably even magnetise it like this if you were particularly obsessive.

Riders for the jetbikes, and yes, it has been pointed out they look like they're dancing to Gangnam Style, but trust me they're not (it's Pineapple pen instead!)

Here's the collection so far. There's more to add to get it to 500pts, which is where we'll start the tale, but not much and nothing you haven't already seen here.

Here's the first lot sprayed (sorry, I got carried away taking pictures cos I'm quite excited about this project).

One of the key things I'm looking to do is have unique canopy designs for all of my jetbikes, this particular one represents Gil Estel, the Star of Hope.

Whilst I wanted to go for a high-contrast scheme, I also wanted to make sure that the bright elements had the best chance to stand out, so for the rest of the scheme I've gone for a palette of grey shades, with golden decorative elements and red jewels. I've yet to decide on a colour for the faceplates, but I'm inclined to add some colour there, possibly a red blend to set off the green.

Having got the first bike set out, I wanted to sketch out the designs on the remainder before I got back to adding detail, which I will batch paint. The Vyper is Daehery, the Shadow Lord, whilst the bike on the left is Nenuial - the Lake of Twilight and the one on the right is Adurant - the Double Stream.

Hopefully I'll have a video update done for next week, and I'll look to get another post up when all the canopies are completed.