Monday, 17 October 2016

The Fighting Pit - the concept explained

Welcome friends, so you've heard about our brotherhood and you've read our introductory post explaining what we're about, and you're interested in joining our fraternity and want to find out more about our plans.

That's fortunate, because that's exactly what this post is intended to do - about one particular part of our plans at least.

The Fighting Pit.

A horn sounds, and 3 warriors race from their podiums, leaping and charging along narrow walkways of broken stone, suspended in the air through arcane powers above the boiling, spitting molten core of the daemon world.

A fourth warrior stands motionless, almost trance-like as he gathers power to himself, weaving the warp energy into a shield about his body before slowly pacing towards the arena floor, more lashes of power wrapping his fists in coiled, ethereal potential. 

Already, blood is spilt on the arena floor, the baying call of a champion of the Blood God calling on his lord to witness the kill made in his name. Too late, the brutal champion realises that not all of his opponents are intent on fighting so honourably, and a sun-hot blast of plasma crashes into his armour, melting its way through and burning a searing hole through his spine. The limp form crashes to the sandy arena floor, and the psyker looks up from the pathetic corpse at his solitary remaining opponent. Standing behind the coiling smoke from the plasma weapon is a towering figure, clad in a suit of reddish brown armour, shot through with searing turquoise energy streams, feeding power to its systems. The Tau Commander didn't stand a chance, did it? Both of the remaining combatants eschewed close combat, this would be a duel fought at more than arms length across the arena floor, and only one would leave the arena alive.

So, the fighting pit is going to be a feature of our 40k tournaments, a place to send your warlord on a quest for glory, to destroy your foes and garner yourself a bloody reputation.

Oh yes, and win yourself some tournament points!

All the Grim Dark Brotherhood events will be working on a points system, with points awarded for victories in games, but also for a variety of other things throughout the day.

In this case, each player in an event can enter one of three Fighting Pit events, based on the points cost of their warlord. Each player will be granted a single tournament point for entering the contest, and they can gamble tournament points for a chance to win greatness. Each player partaking can gamble 1-3 of their current tournament point total on the outcome of the pit. The winner takes home tournament points equal to D3 x their stake.

There will be three 'weight classes' in the fighting pit, Warlords costing 100pts or less - known as the warhound class, 101-200pts - known as the reaver class and 201+ points - known as the warlord class.

Antagonists will start at the four corners of the relevant pit, and will race to the centre (or not) to cleave the remaining three leaders apart and claim glory for themselves. But this is not a tournament without rules, and so any wargear or psychic powers that grant D-strength will not function in the pit, and nor do weapons that cause instant death. The crowd want pain and suffering, and they shall not be denied. Other limitations include the order of play being determined at each phase, so moving first does not guarantee you will shoot first, psykers may only cast a single power each turn, but blessings and maledictions last until they are cancelled by another player. Flying creatures can also only enter glide mode as they are prevented from flying higher by the fighting pit's energy fields.

Tom, Martin and I will be creating specific themed fighting pits to bring to our events, starting with a volcano themed platform, and we urge you to sign up to our forum to get the full rules lowdown.