Friday, 21 October 2016

The Brotherhood spotlight - what is it?

Welcome brothers, here's the next little introductory post explaining a bit more about the brotherhood and what we're intending to bring to you in the future.

The Brotherhood's Spotlight. Each month we aim to feature an army for you, initially this will inevitably be armies we have played against or know very well, but we hope to expand our sphere of influence to bring in armies from further afield and throw the lamp of illumination onto them.

This isn't going to be your standard army focus post though, oh no, here we'll not only be showing you pictures of outstandingly painted miniatures, but we'll also be interrogating their owners in more detail as to the army composition itself and the hobby choices that went into its creation.

Expect to find out not only what inspired the livery of the models in question, but why particular squads are included in the army, what role they are to fulfill and the style of play the army intends to encapsulate.

We have our first two subjects in the cells as I speak to you, so watch out for this feature very soon!