Friday, 28 October 2016

Painting realistic looking gore - a brotherhood tutorial

Welcome brothers, this is our first tutorial here on the gdbrotherhood blog, and it comes courtesy of lonewolf, a member of The Dark City via one of the brotherhood founder members who has used it for some time now. This tutorial will also be recreated on our forum so even if you can't find it on here after a while, it will be kept there in perpetuity for you to retrieve should you need it. The photos have been updated from the original tutorial so that we're not stealing anyone else's imagery, and we will do this with all our tutorials in the future.

We're hoping to keep all our tutorials to a standard format to make them easier to follow, and we may even expand into doing some video tutorials in the future.

Tutorial: Blood and Gore

Level: Moderate

Tools required: Old brush(es), Tamiya Clear Red, GW Nuln Oil Wash

Step One - make sure the piece to which you want to add the gore is completely painted apart from this effect. You won't be able to pick out highlights etc afterwards.

Step Two - stipple Tamiya Clear Red onto the area you want to be covered in gore. Don't skimp on the quantity of paint you use, but remember that less is often more when it comes to how convincing the effect is. Wait about 30-45 seconds, for the Tamiya Clear to start to thicken on the model, then go over it again with the stipple brush. You should start to get lumps appearing in the paint and other areas where the base coat is coming off. That's fine, it's the effect we're looking for.

Step Three - mix Nuln oil with the Tamiya Clear Red until the paint becomes a rich, dark colour, then repeat step two over a slightly smaller area than the plain clear red. The stippling should bring the texture out of the model to create more than just a coloured effect, representing blobs of flesh etc

This is a more involved technique than using GW's own 'Blood for the Blood God' technical paint, but I personally believe the translucent nature of the paint combined with the 3D effect makes it a much more believable effect, and it's certainly gained me praise wherever I've displayed it.