Friday, 7 October 2016

40k narrative tournament gaming - brought to you by the Grim Dark Brotherhood

Welcome friends, to the Grim Dark Brotherhood.

This blog is a joint venture between two gamers, one veteran sergeant who has faced innumerable enemies of mankind, and one who returned only recently, spat from the warp in the company of daemons.

Several weeks ago, the Hero for a Day 24-hour event was run by Nick Thrower at MAD Wargaming club in Asfordby. 10 gamers took part, raising money for the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group.

That event lit a spark, which has since been fanned into life, a solitary flame in the darkness that we want to see turned into a blazing inferno.

The concept is simple - there are many tournaments out there putting 40k gamers to the test in the most demanding arenas, where superpower armies slug away at each other for the right to call themselves champion. We want to do something different. We enjoy tournaments, but we don't enjoy games where the fluff is ignored for the opportunity to take the latest unbeatable combination of units.

Consequently, the Grim Dark Brotherhood will be developing a series of events to test a different kind of mettle of gamers. These events will look at narrative, fluff and building not only a competitive army, but using that army as it is being built, and elaborating on its component parts, showing a true understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.

What we are looking to do therefore is provide for gamers, we hesitate to say the less competitive gamers as that's not the case, but perhaps gamers for whom the background, narrative and fluff behind the games is equally as important as winning. To this end we are developing a series of events (tournaments for want of a better word) aimed at encouraging all aspects of the hobby to be brought forward. Events where each round escalates in size, where not only is your win/loss record important, but the background you write for your army is judged, your paint scheme and choice of warlord are assessed, where those warlords fight in the pits for the chance to be declared the supreme gladiator.

In short, if you've ever been to a tournament and faced 'that guy' and wished that tournaments and events discouraged such armies and encouraged consideration of the narrative, then you'll want to come along and see what we've got lined up for you!

That's not all though, because we can't do that every week of the year, so we'll be doing more, bringing you more narrative. Over time we will be bringing both video and map based battle reports to the community (hopefully for the same games so you can choose your preferred format). We'll also be looking at codex reviews, but not from the point of view of figuring out which unit you want to spam on the table, assessing a codex in terms of its own internal balance, the synergy between units and strategies, and the quality of the background material it provides you with.

This is the Grim Dark Brotherhood, and in our future, there is only war... (you know, fluffy war)